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PolyAid® Polymer Performance Additives

For over a decade, Dannier Chemical has been a valued strategic partner and specialty chemical company supplying a diverse portfolio of chemical products, services and solutions for use in advanced electronics and technology-based manufacturing, and industrial markets worldwide. Utilizing our multidisciplinary chemical technologies, Dannier Group began developing and producing PolyAid® additives for polymer processing, rubber and plastic manufacturing, Since first introducing its Dansof?Peptizers, demand for new additives has seen steady growth and Dannier responded by advancing its additive technologies and manufacturing capacity and steadily broadening its offering of PolyAid® products. Today, Dannier Group manufactures an extensive offering of polymer additives, curing agents and process aid additives used both by manufacturers and compounders of rubber, plastics and polymer products.

PolyAid® product categories include:

Dancel™ Accelerants
Dantiox™ Antioxidants
Dansorb™ UV Light absorbers and stabilizers
Danbrite™ UV Brighteners
Dansof™ Peptizers
Dantistat™ Antistatic agents
Dancure™ Curing agents

PolyAid® additives are formulated to meet both industry-specific applications and customer-specific requirements for plastics and rubber, fibers and textiles, adhesives and sealants, paint and coatings, graphic arts/printing inks, and packaging, to name a few. PolyAid® additives are competitively priced, available in standard forms, or custom blended and/or packaged to meet your specifications.

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Pelletized Performance Additive Products (PPAPs)
In addition to continuously developing new PolyAid® polymer additives, Dannier Group also develops solutions. Our PPAP solutions change powder products to pelletized dispersion products designed to minimize occupational hazards, optimize process improvement and ultimately become part of our customers' quality, environment, health and safety management systems.

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