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Our History

Dannier Group is a privately-owned, rapidly expanding company, with its core business focused on chemical manufacturing. The core business includes development, research, manufacturing and market of fine chemical products. Its products extend to fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and fragrances, and polymer performance additives. The group includes the wholly owned companies of Dannier Chemical, Inc., USA; Shanghai Dannier Chemical Corporation, China; Lianyungang Dannier Fine Chemical Co., Ltd, China; and Anhui Dannier Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, China. The company's personnel are approaching 300 people, with most of its operations in China. The sales revenue is approaching 50 million US dollars annually. Our excellent quality control, competitive prices, production flexibility and timely delivery have fostered our success. For more than a decade, we have produced and supplied countless fine chemicals and intermediates to world leading companies including pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial companies.

In 1993, Dannier Group was founded in California, USA as a custom chemical manufacturing and marketing operation. In 1994, Professor Wu Hao-Qin of Fudan University in Shanghai, a member of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences, helped to build Shanghai Dannier Chemical Corporation. Today, Shanghai Dannier Chemical Corp is the administrative center of the Dannier Group, overseeing all of its operations in China. In addition, Shanghai Dannier focuses on R&D in new products development for Dannier Group and on the planning of China manufacturing operations. Shanghai Dannier and Lian Yun Gang Dannier have been certified in compliance with the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system since 2003.

In 2004, Dannier Group has extended its expansion and investment in China. Shanghai Dannier is constructing new office and R&D buildings and scale-up plant in Shanghai Urban Industry Park. This new site will be used as administrative and research facilities. It will also house a branch that will promote Dannier's business outside of chemical industries. The newest addition to Dannier Group, Anhui Dannier Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has finished its first phase construction and now is in production operation. The 28 acres of land Anhui Dannier occupies is an opportunity for the expansion of new production. Anhui Dannier is about 30 minutes away from Nanjing International Airport and 30 minutes to the center of Nanjing. Within three years, the new plant is expected to bring in an additional 30 million US dollars a year in revenue. Lian Yun Gang Dannier has just built its second chemical plant near the Yellow Sea in China. The new plant provides Dannier with better waste management solutions for selected hazardous products manufacturing.

In addition to its core business in chemical manufacturing, Dannier Group recently increased its effort and investments in retail operations and real-estate development. Dannier Group and its partners currently have 30 million US dollars in real-estate holdings.

Dannier Group would like to serve your needs in chemical manufacturing with its high quality, reliable delivery arrangements and competitive prices. Dannier Group would also welcome opportunities to interact with you in business outside of the chemical scope.