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Production Capability


Dannier Group consists of 3 wholly owned manufacturing facilities in addition to its new product development laboratory and pilot plants. These facilities enable Dannier Group to perform very complicated synthesis as little as grams to plant scale productions for many routine products, including several products at up to 20 million pounds per item annually. Dannier Group has over 40 chemists in new product development, in addition to plant chemical engineers.

Dannier Group’s lab and pilot plants have glass reactors ranging from 1 L to 20 L, and stainless steel or glass-lined steel reactors ranging from 100 L to 500 L.The large scale production operations use reactor batteries of 3,000 L and 5,000 L glass-lined reactors. These reactors and equipment provide flexible and precise production of custom bulk chemicals, in addition to the routine products Dannier Group produce and market.

Our commitment to quality materials is unsurpassed. We take great pride in our material’s quality, and our outstanding material acceptance rate. Since our company was founded by chemists, we understand the importance of quality materials. We constantly strive to upgrade and improve our production facilities and our technical expertise.

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