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About Us

For over a decade, Dannier Chemical has been a valued strategic partner and specialty chemical company supplying a diverse portfolio of chemical products, services and solutions for use in polymer processing, rubber and plastic manufacturing, advanced electronics and technology-based manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage products, personal care and industrial markets worldwide. Our list of clients includes leading brand producers and chemical manufacturers of Global and Fortune 1000 ranking.

From humble beginnings in the early 1990's developing pharmaceutical API's, research chemicals and reagent chemicals, companies have increasingly come to rely on Dannier's ability to solve complex chemistry challenges regardless of industry and guide the development of chemical products from custom chemical synthesis in the laboratory to the full-scale production of bulk chemicals.

Today, through multidisciplinary chemical technologies at its three chemical manufacturing centers: Shanghai, China; Lianyungang, China; and Anhui Province, China, the Dannier Group manufactures an extensive offering of polymer additives, curing agents and process aid additives used both by manufacturers and compounders of rubber, plastics and polymer products; a diverse range of specialty chemicals including customer-specific performance materials found in products ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients to microelectronics and photoresists to sporting goods; hundreds of chemical components to serve the international flavor and fragrance industry for producing food and beverage products, fine fragrances and toiletries and other household products; research chemicals and reagent chemicals; and a comprehensive service offering including custom chemical synthesis; contract research; outsource manufacturing and toll manufacturing, and custom packaging services to meet the growing demands of our clients to add bottom-line value and to help them compete in the world market.